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Our Objective

There is no shortage of environmental issues in the world today, and often we find ourselves a bit overwhelmed and unsure how we can help. The loss of bee populations has received a fair bit of media coverage, but the problem is still growing. The declining population of pollinators is serious issue, but also one that every one of us can help improve.

Simple and inexpensive solutions such as planting for pollinators, stopping pesticide use on lawns, and purchasing local honey can all make a direct contribution to your local bee populations.

With the Beeloved, we wanted to create a business that provided a high quality product that was also able to help support local and national causes that are making a difference.

We use our profits to help raise awareness about bee conservation efforts and contribute to local charities with like-minded goals.

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Our Shirts

Our Products

Each of our shirts starts with a unique piece of art created by Katie, our resident artist and High School teacher. Most are Linocut prints, which are also available for purchase.

After we prepare the artwork for printing, we use only the highest quality inks and fabrics to produce our shirts. Our goal is always to be the favorite shirt in your closet!

For more information on our shirts, please head over the the frequently asked questions page.